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Today when people decide to get a pet, they often want to go beyond the conventional. Hence they prefer exotic and playful creatures such as ferrets. These small, playful creatures can be as cute as a cat and even as loving as a dog. However, before you actually buy a ferret make sure you have taken care of a few things.

Places to get a Ferret from

– Once you have done your initial preparation regarding a ferret and its requirements, the next time is to find places to buy your ferret from. This is assuming that you have checked the local laws of course; because you need to ensure that keeping a ferret is legal in your specific state. Consult your local vet or research online before you buy a ferret.

– Keep some finances ready because the ferret alone could cost you anything ranging from to 0. Some of the rare breeds such as Angora ferrets are quite expensive. These are genetically rare and besides need to be lactated by other ferret mothers, this only mounts the cost.


– A good place to start searching for ferret sellers and breeders is your local newspapers. You could even visit a vet in your area and get expert advice on the same.

– Like most things, even ferrets can be purchased on the Internet due to rise in the number of pet care websites. Do confirm and check all details, especially the authenticity of rare breeds.

Checklists before you get your Ferret home

Don’t be in a rush to get your ferret home after you’ve completed all the procedures. Before getting it home, you need to stock up on some vital things.

– The most important thing to stock is dry ferret food. These tiny creatures need high protein foods and have an appetite for meat.

– Another essential thing to buy is an exercise pen where your ferret can frolic around. Remember that these small animals love moving around and have bundles of energy to use. Therefore this exercise pen will channelize their energy and provide a safe place for them to play.

– Next you will need other basic items of ferret care such as a bad or hammock, litter box, special shampoo, tiny water bottles and most important a special air spray to minimize the odor coming from your ferret.

These items can be easily purchased from any pet store or website. You can even get bargain deals. Once you have the basics ready you can get your ferret and see how enjoyable and loving these creatures can be.


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About seven years ago, Epic Ferret Guy was dumped on a neighbor’s porch in the dead of night. She couldn’t keep him, so she convinced me that I needed a ferret. I got online and consulted ferret owners until I was sure I could care for an exotic pet like a ferret. It was clear he had been abused and neglected. He bit everyone, sometimes hard enough to draw blood, and he did not want to be touched, especially on his head or belly. He never bit me, but it took days of patient care and love before he’d allow me to handle him. He still bites everyone else. He is still terminally ill, but his quality of life at the moment is good, and he’s comfortable and happy. He had surgery last October for a pancreatic tumor which caused him to suffer from insulinoma. These tumors tend to be less severe, and he made a full recovery. We were hoping his new illness was equally easy to treat. Unfortunately, he had a liver tumor, and it was malignant. The vets removed what they could, and he is on Prednisone twice daily to slow regrowth. We may not have much time left with Epic Ferret Guy, but we’re focusing on making him happy. He likes watching videos of himself, too. 🙂 NOTE: There’s a section of this video showing a nasty wound. If you prefer not to see this, it is safe to look back when the background music changes. The video and photos of this wound were taken at about 2-3AM, while frantically calling every vet in the area, hoping for a 24-hour referral number, as the advertised 24-hour
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25 Responses to Buying a Ferret

  1. sirroxalot

    @Dxb0y9 Mine died in 2004 because of liver cancer. I didn’t know it was this common.

  2. sherik5

    I love epic ferret. I currently have 7 fuzz butts, I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world!!

  3. sherik5

    I love epic ferret

  4. AnonyFerret

    @animuniz10: The take time and money but are very rewarding pets.

  5. animuniz10

    hi i am going to get 2 ferrets and was wondering if they are hard to care for? i do have the time to care for them but i was just wondering

  6. Dxb0y9

    @AnonyFerret ok thx anyways

  7. AnonyFerret

    @Dxb0y9: No. What I am saying is that we don’t KNOW what causes cancer in ferrets or people. It’s not their litter or food.

  8. Dxb0y9

    @AnonyFerret so ferret sometimes gets it from people and sometimes randomly? how can we prevent it. Does the letter and or the food can cause the cancer also?

  9. AnonyFerret

    @Dxb0y9: It we knew what causes liver cancer in ferrets, we might know what causes it in people. Unfortunately, we don’t. It just happens. Alas, it happens a lot to little ferrets.

  10. Dxb0y9

    what causes liver cancer to ferrets like what happened to it and how can we protect our ferrets from cancer and diseases plz replay anyone!

  11. froggyjr1998

    he was just soooooooo cute ;[

  12. AnonyFerret

    My condolences on the loss of your fuzzy ferret friend.

    They don’t live nearly long enough, do they?

  13. kitty7853

    Your video touched me! I just had to put my littler guy down from the same thing, it was so hard doing so. Im sorry yours didn’t make it either.
    RIP my little bubbie

  14. Elizawizzyify

    ooooh…he’s super cute:(

  15. Frettchenbande66

    So traurig!!!!

  16. Shimzoid

    Epic ferret guy is much missed by the collective:( He was the most epic ferret ever and he threw the wildest parties imaginable!

    A tribute to all mustelidae everywhere.

  17. AnonyFerret

    Sometimes I just ask first. It doesn’t always matter; YT is a bit nuts about it.

    Sometimes the music is just on in the background.

    Sometimes I use music from groups that have not been around for over 40 years, were never terribly popular with the masses, and are no longer covered by copyright.

    And, yeah, I forget that I read super- fast, and most other people don’t. It is something I need to work on.

    As noted, ferret improved from initial illness, but then got a worse disease and died.

  18. AnonyFerret

    Unfortunately, he didn’t. 🙁

  19. angrygreek1985

    Sorry, I posted my comment before I watched the whole video. Sorry he has liver cancer. I hope he recovers!

  20. angrygreek1985

    How do you get permission to use real songs in videos? Cool video by the way I’m glad the ferret is doing well. I would recommend leaving any text on screen for a slightly longer time as I felt they were flashing in and out too quickly.

  21. missCCxx

    OMG, you are a great owner!! wow my eyes were filling up with tears as i watched that, ye 2 are so lucky to have eachother!! =) 😉

  22. Camilaaa521

    Aww Epic Ferret Guy was so cute!
    He was so lucky to have you,
    You are such an amazing & caring person.
    This video made my day <3
    I hope Murphy lives a long happy life 🙂

  23. AnonyFerret

    Sure! I’ll enjoy that.

  24. liubixa

    check my new video tell me what you think of my two babies., i know i cant afford buying them all the toys on the pet supermarket but atleast all that counts is the love. gordo reminds me of ur ferret

  25. AnonyFerret

    Thank you.

    Pets are a joy 99.9% of the time (the other 0.1% being when they break something, etc., *grin*), and worth the expense and time.

    If you’d like a happier video, I just posted one of baby Murphy (not so much of a baby these days!) running around in his Hallowe’en costume.