ferret cage for a rat?

Ferret Cage.

Question by Laurey: ferret cage for a rat?
I’m going to buy 2 female rats, and I want them to have the best cage possible. There’s a nicely priced one a petco, and it looks like the rats would love it, but it’s a ferret cage. The wires are properly spaced, and it has 4 levels!

What I’m worried about is this tunnel thing that the rat would have to climb through to get to the second level. Would a rat be able to use this? It’s not very tall, so the rat won’t have to really climb much, but it sorta bends upwards at a near 90 degree angle. Obviously a ferret could use it, so could a rat? It will be big enough. I don’t want anything that would hurt the rat’s back, or something it would refuse to use, thus defeating the whole purpose of the 4 level cage.

Also, it comes with one of those hammock things for ferrets. Will the rat use this?
Mrs Phas — it is the second cage you posted.

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Answer by Logan Longfellow
My rat just climbs up the wire instead of the ramps =D

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  1. myipodmylife

    Rats are very agile, and they will absolutely love the ferret cage! They are very smart and like having as much room as possible especially the females. And rats loooove hammocks, mine sure do! And I’m glad that you are getting two because a lot of people only get one and they are very lonely by themselves.

    Good luck with your rats! You will love them!

  2. rattiegirlluv

    if its the cage in the first like that i provided i would have to say i’m so JEALOUS!!! i would love to own a cage like that for my girls (rats). your rats should be able to use it just fine as they are extremely agile little things! you’d be amazed at what a female rat can do and the way they can twist their little bodies. the only thing that you do have to worry about with a ferret cage is the bar spacing, if its more then an 3/4 of an inch, you may end up with exploring con artists on your hands. in that case you may have to rat proof your ferret cage!
    google how to make a rat cage and you will find ways of rat proofing your ferret cage so they don’t escape.
    also when looking at cages with built in levels make sure the levels are solid to prevent bumble foot in your ratties. it also saves on trying to keep them solid cause you don’t have to cover them with anything.
    as for the hammock, your rats will LOVE it… my girls LOVE hammocks. although i’m practical and use old t-shirts and whatever else thats hanging around that i can hack up to make a hammock. you should change the hammock everyday, they will bring food up into it, a little bedding and even give it their own personal scent if you catch my drift!
    if you need anymore help or have any questions feel free to email me at:
    i hope that i’ve been helpful, i’m the owner of 9 of the best rats a woman could ever have!!!

  3. LC

    The thing I’d pay the most attention to is the floor material–rats should NOT walk on wire cage floors–their feet get snagged and hurt on them.

    I think a rat could use the climbing tube you describe–rats are really good climbers and can get into some tight spots. As for the hammock–pet stores and rat-equipment DYI’ers sell hammocks for rats, too and the ratties will love to have the one in their cage.

    Before you get your pets, check out some sites about pet rats. You’ll be better prepared for the amazing companions the rats can be to you. There’s a good site at:
    and other sites online as well. I wish you and the ratties the best and happiest of luck!

  4. Prodigy556

    Be sure that all the spacing is not large enough for them to fit through. I purchased a ferret cage for my rats and it ended up that the spacing by the doors were too far and they could squeeze out. Rats can squeeze through pretty small spacing.

    My rats used to eat the hammock, so be careful to be sure that there are no holes. I had a degu(looks like a gerbil, but a bit larger) that caught himself in a hole in the hammock(wrapped around his leg) I had to amputate the leg eventually. Although not all ate the hammock, most did eventually.

  5. mrs phas

    do you have a link to look at and then i could say pretty much for sure?
    is it this one?

    or this


    i keep mine in this
    which is a ferret cage BUT i have big squishy bucks

    the one worry i have from the description is the bar spacing, for FULLY GROWN girls it really needs to be 2.5 cm [1 inch ] or less, remember if the head can fit through the body will follow !!!!! you could however slightly adapt it and cover the bars with chicken wireas well, for kitten hood, then removing it when full grown if they cant fit through

    your totally right by the way, for girls height is an absolute necessity and both those cages are excellent for that

    the tunnel thing and the hammock are no prob the rats[well done for a same sex pair by the way] will love them and i would suggest fitting as many as you can, especially as your getting girlies
    look here for ideas

    hope that helps
    [link please =) if its not either of those]

    thanks for the update this is what i found
    “The black epoxy-coated wire is psaced 7.8” apart”[sic]

    and by the way its CHEAPER here BUT CHECK THE SHIPPING

    so its less than 1inch but having asked others and got a resounding thumbs up as a great cage espesh for 2 rats the overall opinion is you may still need to chicken wire for kits, just to be on safe side
    most kits[upto about 3-4months depending on how well you feed them, muchos protein for good sized ones] can get through anything bigger than a critter/martins cage mesh =( [both are cage types i hate personally]

    NONE of those cages can compare with this one though, its fantastic, and your girlies will adore it and you =)

  6. teej

    Rats love hammocks, and will spend a great deal of time lounging in them. You rat will also use the tube. Make sure the bottom of the cage is solid, as wires will hurt your rats feet. Rats and ferrits use alot of the same toys, but you can also look at toys for parrots.
    here is a helpful link-


    also do some research before aquiring your pet rats, so that you can be properly prepared for them, and know what to look for when selecting your pets. Please don’t chose to use cedar or pine bedding as the oils in cedar and pine will irritate their lungs. You can also join ratlist-

    the members of the ratlist will gladly answer your questions, and you will learn alot from the questions of other members!

    Enjoy your rats- they will give you endless hours of entertainment and companionship!
    Feel free to message me if you have any further questions.

    mama to four beautiful female rats!

  7. specialy_chalenged

    This is a great cage for a rat. They are very smart and agile.

  8. pisces_dreamer_dreaming


    Go here and scroll down to the bottom of the cage. The R695 is the ones that I buy. I have three martin’s cages and they are fantastic. Get the powder coated. I put mine together with zip-ties so that I can collapse them if I need to. Get a Wodent Wheel and some hammocks, tissue boxes and Carefresh and you’re set!

    The best thing about these cages is that the wire is spaced appropriately for the rats, and if you ever have little ones, they cannot escape through the wires on the sides.

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