ferret health help asap!?

Ferret Health.

Question by XoXoLuvMarie: ferret health help asap!?
so our ferret has always been generally very calm but shes acting very strange…. first shes had a significant amount of weight loss. so Ive been trying to get her weight up. now its even worse… she acts as if shes blind.. she hits everything with her “forehead” and tries to get under things she cant fit, which shes never done before.

also she runs into something stops where she is and her body slowly falls and goes limp.. and she stays there for about 30 seconds. then she comes back to and walks around, but is a bit unstable. she is also a lot more weak. she also is shivering a lot.

im going o take her to the very but id at least like to get an idea of what this could be

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Answer by KimbeeJ
It sounds like insulinoma…a tumor on the pancreas that causes low blood sugar. It is usually treated with prednisone therapy, but definitely get some labwork and a good exam done by a vet who is very experienced with ferrets.

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