Ferrets in indoor stores?

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Question by Potatoes: Ferrets in indoor stores?
This is kind of random, but I remember before Halloween that I was in one of those “only comes around once a year” Halloween decoration stores, and I was walking around and notice this girl is there with her mom and she’s holding a ferret. Even though she was holding it, it had on a little leash and harness, but it still surprised me. It was absolutely adorable and made my day because I love love love ferrets, but it was like wow.

So what do you guys think? Are stores okay with people carrying in small pets like she did? I know places like Home Depot and Lowe’s don’t care, but I once read that some lady took her puppy to Target. Can I theoretically start taking my buddy with me to non-food-serving stores? Do any of you ever take your pet to stores? Will they kick you out?

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Answer by Mon
You can’t take pets to super markets. But small shops on the street not in a actual shopping centre don’t usually mind. If there are no signs up they will ask you to take the pet out side if they dont want it in the store

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