HELP!! My ferret’s butt is bleeding & swollen!! What to do?!!?

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Question by Q-wi: HELP!! My ferret’s butt is bleeding & swollen!! What to do?!!?
My little ferret is usually clean and grooming herself.. but just yesterday i noticed her butt was really dirty with poop stains all over. I decided to help clean it off for her and wiped it with a wet towel. To my surprise, there was blood. And after wiping it clean, it still seemed wet and protruding. I thought it would go away the next day, but boy i was wrong!

The next day her butt was RED and protruding out a LOT more. It looked as if it was covered in blood. I tried pushing it back in gently..but i’m scared cuz I’m guessing she’s having a hard time pooping too.. I’m worried sick right now!

Please don’t say just take her to the vet, i can’t afford for that type of money at the moment..(student). But I would be so grateful if some expert can advise me what to do & help me..i’m willing to take the time to do whatever i can to help her..

Also, will she die from this illness?? And will her butt in the future will always be protruding and sticking out like that? Will it be back to normal…:(

Thanks in advance..
EDIT: Like i said, i’m in a tight spot with money at the moment.. i’m pretty sure it is prolapse rectum. Anyone have a treatment for prolapse rectum for ferrets? Will Preperation H work?

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Answer by Brandi
it sound like she has a prolapsed rectum

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