How Can I Clean The Ferret Cage?

Ferret Cage.

Question by Brittany: How Can I Clean The Ferret Cage?
My Mom just got a used ferret cage, and the sellers didnt bother to clean it. I’m trying to, but not even bleach will work. Any remedies or anything would be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by trisha
bleach is a good start for cleaning germs and bacteria (needs to be left on for three minutes at least) but It does depend what material your cage is made from. If it has a plastic tray the amonia in some urine can get into the grooves and it might be best to replace the tray. as far as the metal part goes rust cleaner if the urine has caused some of the cage to rust Mr. Clean and Oxiclean in hot water or better yet Black and Decker Scum Buster with a brush attachment but you need to do it outside and it needs to be washed and rinsed extremely well after. Also sunlight (UV rays) helps to kill germs and well as a hair dryer. A firm brush is a must. using a hose outside if possable makes things much easier. You dont want your ferret breathing ANY chemicals. So rinse well, even vinegar. The number one best thing that i have found that is not chemical is vinegar. soak in bleach (straight bleach) and rinse extremely well, than wash with vinegar. If its metal and there is no sign of rusting from the urine I would do the same. vinegar nutralizes the amonai and as it dries the viegar smell goes away and takes all other smells with it. Hope this helps.

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  1. cyberloctress

    Bleach isn’t suitable for cleaning animals caged, but don’t worry, if you thoroughly rinse the tray part of the cage, say in a bath so that it’s submerged (this is preferable, but not essential). Just rinse and rinse some more.
    I’m not sure if you mean staining – which isn’t much to worry about (I bought mine new and you wouldn’t know it just by looking lol!).

    I clean my rabbit’s indoor cage out twice a week. It’s reccommended that you disinfect the cage at least once a month with your average cage dis. I use a washing up sponge with a dab of wasing up liquid worked into a lather using hot water and apply to all inside includin nooks and crannies. Then just rinse and dry.

    Real lemon juice could help remove stains (powerful stuff – experiment with the strength you use to get the desired effect). You can add some to water and leave in the cage, or perhaps soak some in toilet roll and apply to the effected areas. vinegar has similar properties. Note if you go this route you’ll want to check if any of these could be irritants of potentially harmful to your new family member.

    Sorry for the long-winded answer I hope at least one of these works for you. Good luck! ^__^

  2. Phansie Thirteen

    I agree with the answer above DONT EVER use bleach its TOXIC to basically all animals!!!!!!
    You can use bathroom cleaner, ferret cleaner, odor spray, windex, etc….

    Just dont use bleach…..any other sprays are good as long as they dont have a really strong scent:)
    Please dont listen to people who say otherwise, just google it!!!!!!

    And if you already used bleach i have a solution that can take scent away:

    1.) Take a hot rag with dish washing soap, or soap of your pick
    2.) Scrub the base with it for at least 2 mins
    3.) Add room spray, febreeze, ferret odor spray and apply to the base
    4.) Take the base and blow dry it or just leave it outside for like 5 mins to dry( dont wipe to dry it will take the good scent away)
    5.) Then its ready to use…….

    Good luck:)

  3. M K

    Use dish wash soap then wet ones then leave it to dry in the sun.

    Check this out and vote

  4. Kate [shewilldestroyou]

    What kind of stains are they? try vintager and water mixture instead of bleach.