How do you get ferret blood out of carpet?


Question by GWB: How do you get ferret blood out of carpet?
Ok, so I had an unfortunate accident with my sister’s pet ferret. Needless to say there is a big puddle of blood on my parents white carpet. I would like to get this mess cleaned up before my parents get back from work today. Please, any ideas would be grateful. And also, how should I break the news to my sister? She loved this ferret (they sleep in the same bed). Please help!!!!

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club soda


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21 Responses to How do you get ferret blood out of carpet?

  1. LeDrew L'Amour

    Oxi clean.

  2. Caitolent

    Bleach and water. Scrub, my friend! Scrub!

    Oh, and just tell her the truth. Nothing you say will make it easier.

  3. Spiro

    tell ur sister and parents it just fell…

  4. matt

    lol i love this question

  5. Leilaaa

    awwwh poor ferret 🙁

  6. Cara

    Bleach, if the carpet is pure white. And if they dont, well, scrub. And scrub. And scrub. Use some spray detergent, and soap. And to tell your sister, take it eassy on her.

  7. Katie(:

    how sad.

  8. James

    White wine – trust me on this

  9. i love josh aker!!

    awww im so sorry. just explain it 2 her calmly and rationly. and use oxy clean or something like that.

  10. Mkay

    ohhhhh shiznit.
    mannn you dead.
    bleach might work, but youll have to wash the whole carpet.
    and your sister may not like you for a little while.

  11. Maya

    Krud Kutter
    & what happened to the ferret?

  12. waahoo

    You killed the ferret !? :O
    I would try Bleach .. It works on everything !

  13. Shup Y

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. How in hell did that happen? XD

    Well, as for products you could either try club soda or, like the other guy said, Oxi Clean. If neither works, I can’t help you.

    I’ve never had to wash blood from a carpet before. Sorry. XD

  14. smarty1

    did you kill it???????????????????

  15. Boba Fett

    Wow, I hope hes not dead!!! well, I cant really help you out, but I wish you the best of luck, and you should probably just tell her what happened, and that youre sorry. Hope that helps!

  16. Darkblulightnin

    try to get a steam cleaner, or if you have nothing else, go to a pet store and buy some pet carpet cleaner.

    it cleans up blood

    as for your sister, tell her immediately so she doesnt decide to call your parents to try to get them home early to see the blood

  17. $$Brooke$$

    peroxide it gets blood out really well. my hamster once bit this 5 yr old so hard she had blood squirting out on my carbon and the peroxide just brings the blood right out without even scrubbing

  18. GreenGredaPeace

    WHY’D YOU DO IT??? WHY!!!!

  19. Rachie

    peroxide! seriously, it will foam up and then you can dab it with a rag, then keep pouring more on it until it stops foaming…it will stop when all the blood is out

    how did you manage to make a puddle of blood with such a tiny animal…no wait I don’t wanna know

  20. rena s

    you could use oki clean it should get it of:) try this site

  21. carpetguy5

    Here is a site that I would highly recommend. They have very high quality stain removal techniques. I would suggest repeating the process after the first application, and rinsing the rug out with cool water in between applications. Best of luck!