How to get my ferret use to there new home.?

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Question by Keenbean!: How to get my ferret use to there new home.?
I bought a ferret today and i got a new cage for him…i put him in the cage and left for about 45 mins when i got back he was crashed out in the corner… i had to put him in the hammock, i hope he doesnt fall in the morning! what should i do to get him use to his cage and will he fall in the morning? and if so should i put him back on the bottom? P.S. Do i put bedding all over the surfaces of the cage or just the bottoM?
What, my ferret fell asleep on the bottom of the bedding, not the hammock…How do i get my ferret to get use to his new cage…

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Answer by katie pi
do u mean he slipped thru the wires? if thats what u mean u might need to get a defferent cage.if the sides r too big u wont be able to train him to just stay put. they love to sneak around and get into anything they can! and for bedding u only have to put it on the bottom and i dont no what ur using but if u dont no already, u can always use t-shirts and stuff cuz they love to burrow up in that. i was kinda confused on wat u meant by that first part…? but anyway, good luck!

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  1. LYNN W

    He will get used to his cage over time. Sounds like he was ok with it if he was crashed out when you returned. You can just put bedding in the bottom or on the other surfaces and see what he prefers. My ferret will just drag the bedding down to the bottom if I put it on the other levels of his cage so I just put the new bedding all over and let him drag it down to give him some entertainment. As for the hammock, he might fall out but it won’t be a long enough distance to hurt him if its a ferret cage. Mine sometimes sleeps in it and sometimes doesn’t. If you bought a store-bought hammock, be prepared for him to chew it up and if that happens, try using old shirts as hammocks. It is a cheaper alternative. It is just a suggestion and not trying to tell you what to do. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your new buddy.

  2. elmafuddyesmate

    We got Marty a few weeks ago as a stray from a rescue centre. He had been there for a few months. I bought him 2 hammocks & a truck bed to sleep in so he has a bit of variety. We left him alone for a while to get used to his new cage & after a while he started using his hammocks on his own. We also put some old jumpers in so he could get used to our smell. He has, however, started nipping us a bit. He didn’t the first few times we played with him, but when he licks us, he has started to put his teeth in. Also, when we try to put his harness on, attempt to cut his claws, put him back in his cage, or untangle him, he’ll try to bite. Any advice please?