I just got a ferret and I don’t know how much to feed it?

Ferret Food.

Question by Grace: I just got a ferret and I don’t know how much to feed it?
I don’t know how much to feed my ferret please help me?
And I did a lot of research befor I got it

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Answer by cheergirl
i feed my ferret a bowl of marshals ferret food and it usually last it about a coupld days!

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  1. Annie D

    If it’s fed kibble, then fill the food bowl. Fill up as needed;if there is food left after about 3 days, dump it out and give your fert fresh kibble.

  2. Lookin4Answers

    You should read up on ferret care – it’s important! They are more high maintenance then one thinks.

    You must keep food and water in their cage all the times!!!

    In order to keep them healthy you should do some research on what exactly to feed them. There’s lots of info online.


  3. kitty4green

    Food only stays in a ferrets system for a bout three hours. So they should always have a bowl of food available for them to keep thier energy levels high.

  4. Mitchell B

    ferrets eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. My advice would be to just fill the bowl when the ferret finishes the food.

  5. Joseph and Emilee S

    You should keep fresh food in a ferret’s bowl all the time. That means fresh as in changed daily! A ferret usually won’t have food left after a whole day anyway, so you aren’t really wasting much, or you shouldn’t be really. You get what I mean?

  6. ?Trìþþlé?Thrê?T?

    Ferrets need to free feed 24/7. They ave a fast digestive track.
    Put only enough in the bowl for him to eat in 24 hours. Any food still in the bowl after that should be set to the side and then refill the bowl just enough that he will eat and top it with the old kibble from the day before. Kibble goes rancid quickly from exposure to oxygen and you do not want to leave a bowl out for 3 days. Also if it is a baby ferret you need to wet the food to a wet cat food/oatmeal consistancy for a month until he is 12 weeks old. He will also need to go to the vet twice for distemper boosters and once for rabies.

  7. J?ss?c?

    I’m assuming you’re feeding kibble (dry food), in which case he should have access to it 24/7. Just fill up his bowl and refill when it starts to get low. When I fed mine only kibble, I half-filled the bowls (I have three 10oz size bowls in their cage) in the morning, then topped it off in the evening, if needed. The next morning, I dumped any remaining food, washed the bowls, and refilled with fresh food. My ferrets are a bit pigish when they eat and slop water all over their food, which can cause it to spoil a little faster than normal, so I never let it sit in their bowls for more than 24 hours. It’s also good to wash the bowls daily to prevent bacteria and other icky stuff from building up. If you’re feeding a kit moistened food (it should be moistened until about 14 weeks of age and then weaned off of it on to regular, dry kibble), then you should be disposing of any remaining food every 12 hours and filling with fresh (again, because of spoiling, bacteria, etc.).