Is it ok to use cat flea spray on my ferret?

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Question by ? Red ?: Is it ok to use cat flea spray on my ferret?
I recently moved into my mothers old house and her outdoor cat brought fleas home as presents for the other animals. Nice huh? The good thing is that we dont have much carpet so they we killed quite easily, except for the poor ferret. I know there are some products for cats you can use on ferrets too. And I was wondering if it would be safe to use a bit of the cat flea spray on the ferret. I feel so bad for him he’s absolutely miserable. And the Ferret flea shampoo is not working. Any ideas?

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Answer by jay
You can use frontline or advantage but you need to dose correctly based on the discrepancy between cat weights and ferret weights. Call your vet and ask them to give you a recommendation for a proper dose (you have to buy these products from them anyhow, I think).
Response- I agree with other’s replies that you should be very careful with using flea and tick powder on any species it is not intended for. In fact, giving dog products to a cat IS toxic. However, the info that I have provided you is off of a veterinary/vet student website/ chat room. I strongly suggest that you contact your vet before dispensing any extra-label use flea treatment to any pet.

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