Just how is it that people think ferrets will “get loose” in California and breed erratically?

Baby Ferrets.

Question by : Just how is it that people think ferrets will “get loose” in California and breed erratically?
It is very hard for an average joe blow to aquire a breeder ferret…in other words, the only kind of ferret people have access to are NEUTERED ferrets. Where is this cockamaney theory coming from?
LOL I know there are breeder ferrets out there…

Also…black footed ferrets are NOT any way comparable to domesticated ferrets. Did I mention deomesticated? For THOUSANDS OF YEARS! If a domesticated ferret got loose it would only be a matter of time before it died of starvation.

Your theory would be possible IF domesticated ferrets were wild…but since they are not wild it does not hold up. Sorry.
THANK YOU VENICE! lol 🙂 I should have worded it more easily for people who don’t know much about ferrets.

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Answer by Lisa E
Well, someone is apparently breeding them or there wouldn’t BE any pet ferrets. They just don’t want to take a chance on them getting lose and breeding because in the wild…the black footed ferret is killing off the prarie dogs. MANY non-native species have been accidentally introduced into areas and end up creating havok in the ecosystem. Ferrets are NOT NATIVE to California. They got there because people brought them in, and they bred. It’s not a theory…it happened. Now they’re fighting the affects. Yes, domestic ferrets CAN survive in the wild if the conditions are right, just like ferrel cats and ferrel hogs and dingos etc… All they need is to survive long enough to breed in order to cause a problem.

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  1. paintedrain2

    My sister got her ferret from a small pet shop in Texas, and he wasn’t neutered, as far as I know.

    Not everywhere sells their ferrets pre-fixed.

  2. lilly j

    It used to not be a requirement for the ferrets to be fixed. This is just another example of the laws not keeping up with the times.

  3. Venice Girl

    Laws are notorious for being behind the times and the only ones that get fixed are the ones that get the most publicity. If, indeed, all pet ferrets are sold pre-spayed or pre-neutered, then the argument against outlawing ferrets in these states for this reason is no longer applicable. However, it will be up to the ferret enthusiasts to get their legislators on board with changing the laws, and that is the difficult part.

    For those who aren’t clear: In 1933, domestic ferrets were mistakenly put on a list of prohibited wildlife. The domestic ferret was also outlawed in other states about the same time as well; however, when the other states realized that a domestic animal was on their list of wildlife, the state’s wildlife departments took measure to clear up the problem and legalized them. California refuses to admit it made this same mistake and is, instead, searching for excuses to support their stand. If viewed objectively, their arguments do not hold water.

  4. Elizabeth

    I thought I should say that Lisa E you are wrong about the black footed ferret. The black footed ferret is the most endangered mammal in the US because farmers poisoned prarie dogs because they didn’t like that they ate their crops. Since the black footed ferret had no food(prarie dogs) it became endangered. In the 80’s they bred some and released a bunch into the wild and I think only twelve out of a thousand lived.
    The reason ferrets are still illegal in California is because the DF&G(Department of fish and game for those who don’t know what DF&G is) learned that they could make money by keeping them illegal.
    http://www.goldenstateferretsociety.org/pdfs/FerretsInCalifornia.pdf They will continue making many excuses as long as they can make money. If they don’t have this problem(of overbreeding) anywhere else, why should California be any different? I don’t live in California, but I still think they should make them legal.

  5. wildhorses

    I live in Cali. and they are illegal here but not in Nevada…
    Ferrets are NOT always neutered in Nevada before sale. I can tell you that for a fact ….my husband has been doing ferret rescue in northern cali for the last ten years and very very few have come to us neutered. It is very easy to go to the pets stores and buy ferrets. Alot of the pets we get are from college students that keep them in their dorms during the year and then bring them to us when they leave.
    Rumor here in the ferret world is that Cali is going to leagallize ferrets sometime this spring. And as with all other pets that means that ferret rescue will go way up because everyone will run out and get one and decide that they may or may not like them. IT means that people will breed them and then end up with unwanted babies just like cats and dogs.
    It would be so nice if people could be as responsible with pets as they hopefully are with their kids.