My ferret is suddenly not acting like herself..Not playing, lethargic, not eating even ferrit!?

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Question by bobbathoma: My ferret is suddenly not acting like herself..Not playing, lethargic, not eating even ferrit!?
We adopted her about two months ago with her brother. They are two years old APPROX. We dont really know becuase the moron that had them before didnt know what she was doing. The cage was all nasty and covered with poop and the one was kinda nasty. Idiot..anyways..the female has recently been sleeping more than usual (I know they sleep a lot anyway) but this is more than she usually does. Shes also not playing and is very lethargic. She isnt interested in the ferritvite stuff so shes not getting any nutrition. This all just started about two days ago. We do have another male ferret in with her and her brother (large cage) and hes been in there for about 2 weeks. I would really like to have some help with her. I know that within the next 24-36 hours ill be taking her to the vet, but in the meantime id like to see what i can do. Thanks in advance!!! 🙂

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Answer by sleepycatz1972
i’m not sure i’d wait 36 hrs to bring her in…she needs to go in sooner…either tonite or first thing in the morning.

given their age, it could be anything from insulinoma, adrenal gland disease, lymphoma, all sorts of things. and ferrets are so little that by the time they start to show illness or injury, it’s often the beginnings of a medical emergency for them. ferrets CANNOT go more than 4 hrs or so without food without having some pretty drastic effects from it…do what you can to get some of the ferrevite or slush of meat-based baby food in her. gerbers chicken is good for this…if you mix it with a little warm water, she may go for it. at least you might be able to get some down her slowly with a syringe. if you cannot, she needs to go in immediately so a vet can keep her going. (ferrets have such a high metabolism that their body burns thru food incredibly fast…if they go w/o food for 4+ hrs, they can go into shock.)

in the meantime, keep a close eye on her, keep her warm (fill a 20 oz pop bottle up with hot water, slip it in a sock & snuggle it up against her in the cage) and do whatever you can to get her in to the vet.

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  1. rzezniksrunaway

    Is she spayed? Stupid question and all…but if she’s not spayed, and the boys aren’t fixed… you could be looking at baby ferrets.

    Is there a food that you usually reserve for treats that she really likes? I would try offering her that, and putting her into a cage by herself until you get her checked out by the vet. Better safe than sorry. Make sure she has fresh clean water, and check her poop and urine to make sure nothing seems too off. If anything looks different, I’d make that vet visit sooner.

  2. Jessica Knows It All

    I would get her to the vet and get a blood glucose done on her, she sounds very much like she has ‘Insulinoma’. Normal glucose for a ferret runs between 80-120 , anything under 70 indicates Insulinoma. Glucose test are cheap. Another thing you need to do is try to get her to eat some high protein foods such as Gerber’s chicken and gravy, stage 2. You will have to smear some on her lips probably to get her to taste it, ferrets are stubborn to want to try new foods.

    Here is a good link to review, it covers Insulinoma and Adrenal

  3. alamahara

    Wow this could be so many things. I would think that the ‘poop situation’ points to an obvious bowl issue. Could be anything from a blockage to a bacterial infection. In a perfect world all vets would take in our pets immediately. Perhaps you can call around and get her something sooner? Really…all you can do in the meantime is give her all the supportive care you can. Try to push fluids and even some liquid food by way of medicine dropper if you can. Keep her separate from your other ferret!! Just provide basic comfort.

    Good luck!