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Having a pet come into your home is like having a new family member in the household. No matter which pet you have, it is sure to change your lifestyle. Therefore when you plan on getting a pet, it is important to research well about the animal. This holds true even in case of ferrets that are a popular choice for pets. Despite its small size, a ferret is an animal with a personality of its own. Hence keep the following things in mind when you get one home.

Physical Aspects

Broadly there are three categories of ferrets: sable, angora and albino. One can distinguish between the three due to the varied color of the fur and its length. Sable ferrets are a deep brown whereas albino ferrets are white. Angora ferrets are the exotic ones that are specially bred. The ferrets mate in summer and spring. A ferret gains full growth maturity when it is four months old. Generally ferrets have around six to eight young ones. The young ferret is called a kit. These tiny ones have thirty teeth while an adult ferret will have thirty-four. There are other changes also that place with age, such as change in color, growth in undercoat and fur.


One important fact about all ferrets is that they have poor vision and are hard of hearing. This lack, however, is compensated by their powerful sense of smell. In addition to this, their whiskers have excellent sensory touch that enables to move around with high energy.

Eating Habits

A common mistake that many people make is to assume that ferrets will have nuts and small foods. On the other had, ferrets love meat and are hard-core carnivores, probably a reflection of their natural predatory instincts. Ferrets need a protein-rich diet to fuel their energies. The diet should not have carbohydrates and should be low in fat so that it can be digested easily. These ferret facts are critical to know so that you as a pet owner can take the right care of your pet.

Personality traits

Ferrets are traditionally predators therefore they have an innate sense of curiosity and agile movements. They love to play and are constantly on the move. But when they rest they can sleep for long stretches of time. Hence you must create a safe and comfortable place both for its rest and recreation. Also make sure that you train your ferret or they can playfully nip. Litter training ferrets is also easily done.

These are important facts that can help you make your ferret comfortable and provide a loving home for it.


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