Training a mean baby ferret?

Ferret Training.

Question by Kellie M: Training a mean baby ferret?
So my brother bought two new baby ferrets. He doesn’t know much about them so he’s asked me. I know about ferrets but I’ve always gotten older ferrets and they were always already trained so there wasn’t much need for me to teach them how not to nip or how to use the litter box.

He got a boy and a girl, oh my goodness they are ADORABLE. But anyways, he’s had them for a few days now and he just called my mom today to tell her he is probably going to bring them back because the boy is extremely mean. He will not let the female eat, he hisses when any of them walk by, he hisses at the female, he bit my brother’s girlfriend sock and they literally had to pry him off of the sock. I will not let him bring them back to the store, so either he needs to figure out how to train them or I’m going to take them. I already have two ferrets, one is 3 and the other is 6. My six year old is a female and does nothing but sleep, but my 3 year old is very rambunctious, so my brother thought it may be good if he bring over the baby boy and see if my older one can “teach” him a lesson, make him know that he isn’t the dominant one, would that be helpful?

Either way, I need some good tips on how to calm the baby down and allow his sister to eat and to stop hissing and biting. Also how to litter train them.

Thanks so much!

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Answer by M&M’s
Hmmm, training a ferret, It can be done. google has some awesome sites for such like this. He might not be used to his surrounding yet, when you bring home a rodent it can be a stressful time for them. Usually Isolation for (how ever long it takes) will help its nerves. If it won’t share put more food out,one more or two more bowls so it can have its own and he’ll release theres enough to go around.

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