where can I get ferret food for my chinchilla?

Ferret Food.

Question by crackery: where can I get ferret food for my chinchilla?
he is seven years old he has’nt eaten for a while….and i just moved out of state and the pet store where I got my FERRET FOOD IS NOT HERE!

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Answer by canchaser8177
almost any pet store will carry what your looking for… Good luck

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  1. Prodigy556

    You could always go online and see if they sell it. I always find food that is no longer sold in my store online.

  2. indy chinchilly

    i didnt know u could give chinnies ferret food

    i feed mine rabbit pellets from the super market and mix in crushed weetbix,cornflakes,sunflower seed, and pumpkin seeds,

    i dont spoil him he loves the pellets just as much as all the other things

    does ur chinny like raisins? apparently they luv em but indy turns his nose up and says ewww im not eating that thing

    also give him some apple branches if u cant get any pellets in the mean time they luv those too

  3. €????™

    Wait a minute, you want ferret food for your chinchilla? Ferrets are carnivores, chinchillas are herbivores, they have totally different diets. You CANNOT feed a chinchilla ferret food and vice versa. Chinchillas need to be fed a chinchilla-specific food. You can find ferret and chinchilla foods online, check http://www.petsmart.com , http://www.ferret.com or http://www.drsfostersmith.com

    *Note to indy chinchilly – Your chinchilla needs to be eating a chinchilla food, rabbit food does NOT have the proper nutrients that a chinchilla needs.

  4. A.P.

    Your chinchilla should be eating Chinchilla food. It isn’t a ferret, so why would you give it ferret food? Would you feed your cat horse feed? No. So why would you feed a chinchilla ferret food?

    Mazuri is a good brand of Chinchilla food, and the price difference between chinchilla food and other small animal food is pretty negligent.

    If you’re going to have a pet, take care of it properly and feed it the proper food. Maybe it got tired of eating the crap you’ve been feeding it for seven years (assuming you’ve had him his whole life).