Which of these foods are best?

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Question by Got Pomchi?: Which of these foods are best?
I’m switching my cats to raw feeding but my ferrets are a bit more difficult. My baby boy Rascal is immunosuppressed due to a blood disorder. He’s doing great and it won’t affect his lifespan, but it does rule out raw meat so I want to do a freeze-dried raw diet. But between Wysong Archetypal I and II, which is best?

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Answer by Brooklyn
Idk what one is the best but i have heard that EVO is a GREAT ferret food. Order it form Ferret.com its cheaper there. or there is also http://www.ferret.com/item/totally-ferret-active-diet-food/630305/ that one. they both come from the same site. I hope i helped! you can read the reviews too, they all say good things. 😀

EDIT: oh good! somone who actually knows the answer to what you asked! 😀

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