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Question by Tabitha: Who Can Help With Ferrets?
I got a ferret, his name is Joey. (Jo-Jo) He’s a male. And I need some more help with bonding. We go outside and he digs and I dig with him and I hold him and we chill on the bed. But I have a problem with his leash/harness, You see Joey’s a small little guy. . . and he slips through his harness sometimes. The harness is as tight as it can go but like I said Joey’s not so big. I also would like Joey to be cozy in his harness and like to play outside and wear it. . . He also doesn’t like the idea of the hammock. . . He jumps out and falls down 2 floors. . . I’m afraid he might get hurt one day. I would like him feel more cozy in the hammock also so he doesn’t have to lay on the bedding. He also doesn’t use the steps/ladders he just jumps down and stays on the bottom when I put him up there. Is it just cause it’s a new home? And what do ferrets enjoy doing? I would also wanna remind you that ferrets are not rodents, so no rat facts! ~Thanks For Helping!

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Answer by Elaine M
I wouldn’t take him outdoors, make a dig box for inside the house.

Just get one of those sweater boxes with a top on, fill it with uncooked macaroni (it’s easier to clean up spillage than uncooked rice is) and let him play in that. He’ll dig to his heart’s content and once done you just put the loose macaroni back in and put the top on for storage. (Stick newspaper under to help with cleanup).

Use a large bath towel to give ‘rides’ on the wood floors. And a long piece of 3 or 4″ wide PVC pipe makes a great tunnel for ferrets (and is pretty cheap). You can also look for the black accordian pleat water hoses put on the end of gutters (hardware stores have these) as fake tunnels too, putting them around the wall.

If he’s not into hammocks, just make a big ‘pocket’ for him out of a towel, he may like just sleeping inside that.

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3 Responses to Who Can Help With Ferrets?

  1. mandy

    if he is too small for the harness and he slips out of it dont use it or you are going to lose him. i have a female that is extremely tiny and i would never put a harness on her and dare take her outside knowing she could get loose. so forget the harness. if you want to take him outside you can buy a play pen, but make sure the top is covered. if you have to take a ferret out on harness get a big ferret. they dont make small harnesses for the little ones. also if he doesn’t get the concept of a hammock, dont put it in there. i dont understand what the exact problem is. its probably a combination of him being a baby (if he is) and he may have come from a place with no ladders. that’s all common behavior. right now your concern if first bonding with this animal, the rest is minor details. there is nothing wrong with him just laying on the bedding. i have a small dog bed that is fleece that is in my ferret cage and they love it. you just have to get creative. take the ladders out and keep him on one floor until he gets used to the cage. otherwise hes gonna hurt himself. did u do any research what so ever before getting this animal? it is clear to me that you didn’t if you must ask what ferrets enjoy doing. i hope you start doing some reading on your pet, to learn to bond with him and take the best possible care of this little guy.dont be ignorant.

  2. ELLIEXX2001@yahoo

    Some ferrets are just more active like in jumping…dont restrict is activity! If you’re afraid of him falling then lower is hammock for him…then you can raise it slowly! I think he just needs the exercise. Also I too have a smal; ferret they will grow into the harness and/or make sure you are fitting it as small as possible, maybe take your ferret and harness into a ferret shelter or vet and have them check it out.. You can also make your own! Bonding…get down to his level-eye to eye and play sometimes it takes quite awhile for your ferret to completely trust you…remember you are HUGE in his small world

  3. DeathKinder

    Hes still young, im guessing. Once he grows up it WILL fit him. I have a problem with the size of the collar for my female, so i cut it a bit and sewed it to the correct size. If you want, you can sew one for him 🙂 You can use a small piece of thick material that does not stretch, make two holes for his front paws, a little zipper in the front or back for opening and closing (or some buttons or a dry zip), and a little loop for connecting a leash to it 🙂

    Hes still young, i would say keep him in a lower elevation right now, once his tiny legs are strong enough, hell start climbing. Both of my ferrets had problems climbing when they were younger, but ferrets are very adventurous animals, they love to explore, so he WILL start climbing.

    My ferrets jump down even if they know that theres little latters everywhere.