why does my ferret not like treats?

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Question by bob: why does my ferret not like treats?
i have tried giving my ferret everything he wont eat meat, he wont eat any of the treats i try to give him like yogurt drops, peanutbutter treats and he is really healthy and loves to play i just was wondering why he doesnt like treats?

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Answer by eatyourownarses
try feeding him a rabbit carcas , the local buther will have one they love it

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12 Responses to why does my ferret not like treats?

  1. Answerfinder1360

    give him fruit

  2. robin

    I guess he just doesn’t have a taste for them, I wouldn’t worry as long as he is healthy and eating his regular food

  3. sexymick

    I have two ferrets. one loves treats and the other hates him. just dont make him eat it. its like humans. they like ice cream more than broccili. it is just your ferrets taste buds

  4. Melissa Me

    He just doesn’t. If he’s healthy, why worry about it?

  5. Rachel

    Well maybe ur ferret just inst a treat lover………….my cat doesnt like treats she just likes her normal cat food…..maybe try laying off the treats for a while and then try agin.

  6. brandiandmydogralph

    hi and how am i suppose to know why your stupid farret does’nt like treats…..hehe

  7. Wendi lu who

    Animals of all varieties have minds of their own. My brothers cat won’t eat anything but dry kibble. Sounds like some people I know too.

  8. underwaterangel

    the answer fruit is not good. Fruit has too much sugar for a ferret. Thier body can not handle it. I have two ferrets and niether of them like treats… but of course they try to steal cookies that i have on my coffee table… obviously not good for them either… I wouldn’t worry about it, just feed them food. Maybe down the road you can try something and they will like it as they get older. Good luck

  9. true_blue_werewolf

    I have two ferrets. One, he will eat anything. The other is extremely picky. If your intention is to teach them tricks, sometimes you will have to get them used to treats. Sometimes you can use their regular food, but some ferts are different. If it’s a crunchy treat, try putting it in his mouth so he tastes it and try to get him to crunch it. If it’s a liquidy kind of treat, scruff him and put some on his tounge. This works pretty well. My ferrets LOVE hartz hairball remedy salmon flavor. Makes a great treat, and is healthy for them.

  10. bnotagain

    try fresh fruit crisp apples or dry pasta mine liked that

  11. pfloydie

    I saw someone wrote to give him fruit — please don’t — they usually like it because of the sweetness factor — but natural sugar and any sugar for that matter is BAD for ferrets — it can cause a pancreatitis — and will require steroids for the rest of their lives if they get into that situation.
    Just leave him be — Once in a blue moon he can have a raisin or a tiny piece of a banana!!

  12. idgerow

    Some ferrets are just picky eaters.

    One of my previous ferrets, Ruggie, wouldn’t eat anything except one type of food. He hated treats and turned his nose up to Ferretone.

    A ferret I own now, Mika is the same way.

    Keep trying new ferret treats. You might find one that your baby likes, and you may not. With one of my ferrets, his treat is a different kind of food. He really likes my cat’s food, but it doesn’t provide all the nutrition that a ferret needs. So, I give him a couple peices as a treat instead of offering it as a main meal.