Why does my ferret throw his food on the floor? And eats it on the floor rather then the bowl?

Ferret Food.

Question by lawless8989: Why does my ferret throw his food on the floor? And eats it on the floor rather then the bowl?
Its ferret food, its the same food they fed him in the store when i bought him, but they would add water to it, and mush it up just a little bit, but i thought that they only did it for baby – to younger ferrets, and that older ones could just eat whole pellets.
And i dont like adding water to it for two reasons; When its out for a while (im not going to be adding water to it every 10 mins)it dries up, and i get scared and i dont know if he still likes to eat it, and i dont want him to starve. The second reason is, adding water to the food makes my room smell like ferret food all day long…

So what can i do? he still eats the food, but he throws it on the floor first making a mess in the cage i have to clean everytime i re-feed him, and i would rather not have to do that anymore.

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Answer by Huh?
What kind of food dish are you using?
Ferrets just loooooooooove to dig and that’s most likely what he’s doing.
Get him a dish he cannot dig in. They make crocks that are half-covered, some have a lip on the inside edge and some that can be mounted a bit higher on the cage wall. All these would make it harder for him to dig and thus keep the food in the dish.
Are you giving him enough time out of his cage?
Make him a digging box for when he’s out playing. Take a good size Rubbermaid container and fill it at least half full of uncooked rice. That’ll give him a chance to dig and get it out of his system.
You are right, adult ferrets do not need water in their kibble. It’ll only dry up and it will attract insects like gnats who will then lay eggs in it which will lead to little tiny maggots.
Besides, dry food keeps the ferrets’ teeth cleaner.

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6 Responses to Why does my ferret throw his food on the floor? And eats it on the floor rather then the bowl?

  1. Cinnamon Sprite

    There’s nothing wrong with the food or with the ferret, tossing food from the bowl is a very common. The only thing that I’ve found to be somewhat helpful is using large bowls and only filling them part way. Mine still food toss but not nearly as badly as they did when I was using smaller bowls.

    These are the bowls I use now….


    You might give those a try.

    Ferrets can be messy, especially when it comes to food. It’s just something you’re going to need to learn to deal with. Unfortunately for us, ferrets just can’t be taught proper table manners. lol

  2. Zoozy

    Maybe he doesn’t like the food bowl. Try using a small flat dish. Or place a serving tray under the area where he eats then you can pull it out and dump the left overs in the trash easily without having to clean the entire floor of the cage. We use a metal one we picked up at a local 2nd hand shop for cheap for our cats who do the same thing. Clean up is easy now. Good luck 🙂

  3. elmafuddyesmate

    Ha ha, I’m glad mine isn’t the only one that does that – except he does it with his water bowl!!! Yeah, it gets a bit messy!! Here’s a link to a website that covers tipping water and food bowls that we found really helpful :-


  4. Crunchdawg

    The cage I bought came with a good bowl you hang up high and it attaches to the cage. Works wonders! When I first bought my daughters, they had the same problem. I would find nothing but bedding in the bowl until I attached this high bowl and they couldnt do anything at all. Still cant haha. So look for something that attaches to the cage at a certain height.

  5. punk_rawk_grrl

    I have one that does this – and you know what? He’s five years old. So sorry – some ferrets just like to do this! Don’t add water to the food, though, that will make it spoil very quickly. I know pet stores do that but it’s really unnecessary. If you have just the one ferret then just put a small quantity of food in the bowl so you have to add more often. That way at least you won’t have an entire bowlful all over the cage. I have several ferrets so I can’t do that so instead every day or so I’m vacuuming the area he leaves his crumbs all over.

    You also should probably try another food. Pet stores are notorious for feeding Marshalls ferret food which isn’t the best food for them and with the herring meal in it results in seriously stinky poop. A better choice would actually be a blend of foods – that way if you can’t get hold of one of the foods the ferrets not going to go on a hunger strike because he’s only used to that food. Good choices are the Innova Evo cat food (with no grain and 50% protein – awesome stuff), Totally Ferret (36% protein) and 8-in-1 Ultimate Crunchy Diet (45% protein) I serve mine a blend of all three. Also – don’t waste your money at Petco or PetSmart. If you buy online at stores like http://www.ferretdepot.com you save a fortune!

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  6. greyghost_84

    He’s just a naughty little bugger!!! Try putting it bask to where you had it and continue this until he stops. May take a while. 🙂 Good luck.